💲30 & Under Challenge!

💲30 & Under Challenge!

💲30 & under👇 challenge!
90-day🌄 challenges for Sept🍁/Oct🎃/Nov👪 for 💲30 and under👇 per month📆!! Don’t miss😯 this!

▪Confianza (anti❎-stress:roll:) 💲25
▪Fat Fighters🏆  💲23
▪Energy🏃 12-pack 💲29
▪Relief😥 (for joint💪 pain:twisted:) 💲29
▪Greens🌱 Chews (healthy snack🍌!) 💲30
▪It’s Vital💊 Core Nutrition🍎 💲29
▪It’s Vital💊 Omegas🍳 💲23
▪Lip👄 & Eye👀 Cream 💲29
▪RepairAge👵 Night🌒 Cream 💲29
▪PreventAge👴 Day🌞 Cream 💲25
▪It’s Essential Meal🍴 Bars 💲25
▪Regular (balances out your 💩) 💲27

All YOU🙋 have to do is choose which products💆 suit👔 your lifestyle and order one☝ product💆 each month📆 for 3👌 months📆! You can mix🙈 and match🙊 if you want, it doesn’t have to be the same🙉 product💆 each month📆. Looking👀 for people👥 ready to give their honest✋ feedback💭 on the products💆 of THEIR choice!

💥Message💬 me ASAP if you’re interested!




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