12 Day Detox

12 Day Detox

Need a quick fix to tone up before a big event? Bride or bridesmaid? Tropical vacation planned?

Day 1 & 2: It Works Cleanse to remove bloat and toxic build-up. Reset your body.

Day 1 – 12: Two scoops of It Works Greens to detox, alkalize and get your daily servings of vegetables.

Day 3, 6, 9, & 12: One wrap each day to tighten, tone and flatten that stubborn tummy area!

Day 13: Feel amazing and energetic and LOOK INCREDIBLE!

Comment below, message me or text me at 832•819•5831



2 thoughts on “12 Day Detox

    1. I would love to get you started! You will purchase the products you are interested in directly from my website and everything will be sent to you. In order to take advantage of my discounted prices make sure you sign up to be a Loyal Customer! If you want I can place the order for you! Let me know what works best for you! My website is http://www.wrapgirlmisty.myitworks.com or you can reach me at 832•819•5831


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