Five Figure Monthly Income!

Five Figure Monthly Income!

TEACHERS!!!! Hear this story from Ashley!!! My name is Ashley & I am an Ambassador Diamond  I joined ItWorks July of 2014 !

I was a teacher & decided I wanted to switch districts. This caused me to go without an income for 2 months over the end of summer. I had followed a fellow twin momma on Instagram for a year & seen her post about the crazy wrap and her 5 figure monthly income. In all honesty, I thought she was a scam with a beautiful family. Once I could use an extra income she was the first person who came to mind though because of her consistency. I wanted to earn an extra $500 to help get us through those 2 months. I messaged her and joined in the middle of the night. I had 3 year old twin boys & a 1 year old boy. I never let them be an excuse. I was busy of course, but I found the time to work the business in the 5 minutes here and there throughout my day.
30 days after joining I was diamond with a $10,000 bonus. 60 days into the adventure I was double diamond. 4 months I hit Triple Diamond with a diamond husband who earned a $10,000 bonus. I was able to turn in my resignation and leave at Christmas break to be home with my babies. I have never cried as much as a did walking out of my principals office knowing I wouldn’t be leaving my babies in childcare any longer.

9 months into ItWorks I was presidential diamond with a $100,00 DOUBLE bonus and my husband was double diamond with a $30,000 DOUBLE bonus. We were named top 15 income earners in our 12th month.
13 months after jumping into ItWorks we hit ambassador diamond with a $75,000 bonus & triple diamond with a $25,000 bonus! We had claimed a total of $250,000 in bonuses in 13 months! We were able to attend DASH, a top earner event, which pushed my husband to retire as well and become a FullTime family.

This opportunity changed everything. I don’t have only those couple hours in the evenings to be with my babies. I am in love with my body because of our incredible products. I have some of the best friends I’ve ever made in my life. My marriage is stronger than ever. We are dreaming again. This can be the opportunity for YOU to change your life, no one else can do it for you!



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